Double Anthracite Grey Bi Fold Doors Installations

The Brief:

By far one of our most popular products we offer are the range of bi fold doors that we provide our customers with. The reason for this we believe is down to the functionality of the doors, and how they can be configured to suit a customers requests, such as having a set of four pane bi folds installed with one master door that can be used as a back door and open one way, and the other three panes acting as the typical bi fold opening the other way, of course like with any purchase the final decision of the customer is always down to personal preference and we strive to make sure we can provide our customers with exactly what they want. For example, this customer wanted to have two sets of three pane anthracite grey bi fold doors installed on an extension that they were having built at the rear of their property, both of which would have hardware that were finished in anthracite grey and stainless steel handles, with one set of doors opening to the right and another set opening to the left. As you can see from the pictures above we delivered exactly this and the customer now has not only an entrance way too and from their extension but also have a clear view of their rear garden.

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