Dark Silver Metallic Orangery Built at the Back of Home

The Brief:

Over the years our team have worked on a large number of orangery and extension projects, with each one being different from the other. this is mainly down to the fact we make sure that our customers are presented with a variety of different options, allowing them to create a bespoke addition to their home. These options include various different doors, different window configurations, different roof designs, and a variety of different finishes that can be applied to each area of the orangery. With this particular project, the customer made use of all of these different options for their orangery, with the specification of it being sized at 6 metres by 3 metres. As part of the project, the customer also requested that their build included a 5 pane Origin bi fold door and two Origin Aluminium picture windows, both of which would be finished in dark silver metallic (RAL 9007M), and they also requested that the overhang of the orangery would be finished in dark silver metallic as well. As you can see from the finished results, this project is defiantly unique with the dark silver metallic finish complimenting every aspect of the build.

The Products Used:

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