Dark Silver Metallic Bay Window Fitted with Normal Windows

The Brief:

When customers come to us looking for windows, we try our hardest to ensure the products that we provide are able to be configured in various different ways, in order to accommodate any needs that are required for a customers window. Under these requirements, all of the windows we provide can be built as opening windows, fixed or dummy windows and bay windows as well, allowing our customers complete freedom when picking the perfect look for their home. Take this customer for example, who wanted to replace the UPVC bay windows at the front of their home with something new. After visiting our showroom, the customers really liked the look of the Origin OW80 Flush Casement window, which was available as a bay window as well. After looking at previous examples of jobs we had done, the customer asked if we would be able to replace one of their bay windows with a two pane window, which would involve removing the bay windows and supports, and then making sure the windows can be fitted into the space. As you can see from the images, the final results for this job are fantastic, and the dark silver metallic finish really gives a stylish new look to the property.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Windows

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