Corner Bi Fold Doors with Glass Integral Blinds

The Brief:

When customers come into our showroom, one of the most frequent questions we hear is in regards to our bi fold and seeing what options we provide in regards to blinds for the bi folds. Because of this being a question we receive on a regular basis, we provide our customers with the option of having integral blinds fitted to their blinds. Integral blinds are actually fitted within the glass installed within bi fold doors, this is a perfect option for customers that are wanting blinds as the integral blind system requires less maintenance than standard blinds. Take this customer for example who wanted to have a set of blinds to go with the Origin anthracite grey, five pane Bi Fold Doors they were having installed at the rear of their property. Along with this, the customer also had three Origin windows and a single pane Origin Door installed at their property, each fitted with integral blinds as well. As you can see from these images, the integral blinds installed in each of these products look brilliant and provide all the benefits that regular blinds do as well.

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