Contemporary Designed Orangery in Derby

The Brief:

Over the years, we have gained a number of different request from our customers about the new additions they would like fitted onto their property. Recently, a lot of our customers have come to us asking about whether we can give them a contemporary design of a product, which we are more than happy to oblige with.

One such customer from Derby came to us asking if we would be able to construct an Orangery for them, complete with a three pane Bi-fold door, 6 windows, interior lighting and exterior lighting fitted at the rear of the house to extend out the kitchen and the Living room as well. To complete the build, the customer requested that the Orangery would be white with the windows, Bi-fold door and exterior lights in anthracite grey.

As you can see from the images, this orangery is a build worthy of being featured on grand designs due to the fact of its overall uniqueness and its stunning qualities.

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