Conservatory Replaced With an Orangery

The Brief:

For many of our orangery customers, they currently have an extension or conservatory at the rear of their home that they are wanting to have removed and replaced with one of our orangeries. The main reason for this is that an orangery combines the best features of both, the heating and liveable space of an extension and the glazing of a conservatory, and bring them together to create a space that can be used all year round that lets in plenty of light. Take this customer for example who had a rosewood conservatory at the rear of their home and wanted to be able to use it all all the time rather than only a select few days of the year.

As well as building an orangery at the rear, the customer wanted to change the design of the build, to incorporate a wall with Origin windows near the top, a dwarf wall that would again have Origin windows reaching the top of of the wall, and a set of three pane of Origin OB-72 bi fold doors as well. As well as changing the overall design of the space, the customer wanted to have a different colour applied to all the windows and doors. After seeing the colours on offer in our showroom, the customer decided to go for Pebble grey, a traditional finish that isn’t that common and can really add a beautiful finishing touch to a property. As you can see from the images, the changes the customer has opted for have made a massive difference, and this orangery is definitely something quite special.

The Products Used:

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