Conservatory Installation For New Living Area

The Brief:

In many cases, when customers are thinking of adding a conservatory or orangery to their property, the intention behind it is so their is a new living space available for the them. This customer in particular was wanting to have a new living area at the back of their house which would allow them to have a view of all of their garden without the restriction of any walls. With that being said, we provided the customers with a number of different examples of conservatories that we had built in the past in order to provide the customer with some idea of what we would be able to do for them to give them their ideal space. When they came back with what the designs and ideas we liked, we created a 3D design of the conservatory on a computer which was then placed on an image of their house, providing the customer with a picture of what their house would look like with their conservatory on it, and after seeing the design the customer agreed for us to build the conservatory at their property. As you can see from the images, the results are beautiful and this is a fantastic new living area for the customer.

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