Conservatory Installation with Gable Windows and Patio Doors Installed

The Brief:

Over the years we have fitted a large number of products into different properties, but occasionally, some customers will ask us to fit more than one of the products we have on show at their home in order to open areas of their house even more. When this particular customer came to see us, they were originally wanting to have a conservatory installed onto their house with a set of sliding doors leading from it into their garden, which would measure four meters in width and 6 meters in projection. Upon coming to the showroom however, the customer liked the look of the gable that we have fitted to our showroom, which had a set of Origin bi fold doors and Origin gable windows installed leading into the rear of our showroom, because of this the customer opted to have a similar configuration as on show, but instead have a set of patio doors in their gable. As you can see from these images, the customer had a fantastic conservatory installed by our team and the patio doors and gable windows don’t look to bad either.

The Products Used:
Conservatories uPVC Windows

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