Corner Bi-Fold Doors in Nottingham

The Brief:

As we have mentioned, here at Basfords we pride ourselves on the work that we complete over the course of our time within the industry. Since day one we have always tried to make sure we are a leader within our industry, and provide our customers with new innovations in the products that we sell. Such innovations include an option not known by many of our customers, otherwise known as the corner Bi-Folding door.

A customer that found out about this first hand, was from Nottingham who was one of the first customers to gain this new innovation in Bi-Fold Doors. This process follows the same as other Bi-Fold doors but allows the customer to have their door slide from the corner of their home first rather than starting on a side of the door. Upon receiving this version of Bi-Fold door, the customer was surprised at the results and was quoted saying “I didn’t think it would look this good!”

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