Removing French Doors for a Dutemann Glide-S Sliding Door

The Brief:

Around the country, there are thousands of properties that have UPVC french doors fitted in their home and a lot of the time they’ve been a part of the home since the property was first built. This is mainly down to contractors opting for french doors due to them being a cost effective product for them and also a product that doesn’t take a lot of time to fit into an open aperture. Recently we have had a surge of customers with UPVC french doors in their home asking for us to take these out and replace them with something new.

That was exactly the case for this customer, who had two sets of UPVC french doors fitted in the rear of their home that were separated by a brick wall. In order to make the most of this potential space, the customer came to our showroom to see what we could provide as replacements for their french doors. After seeing a four metre Dutemann Glide-S sliding door fitted in one of our orangeries, the customer wanted us to conduct a home visit so we could see if we could fit one across the rear of their property. When having a look, we happy to say that this could be done and once hearing this the customer wanted to proceed with the project.

As you can see from the images provide, the work to fit the doors was massive, and involved us removing the entire wall to fit the Dutemann Glide-S sliding door, but as you can see the final results are really something else.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Sliding Doors

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