Brand New Orangery in Nottingham

The Brief:

When working with our customers, we always try our hardest to make sure that they will get exactly what they have asked from us so that their dream home improvement can become a reality. This is very important for when it comes to installing Orangeries and Conservatories at customers homes, as we will provide samples for customers to see of the materials that will be used in the construction process.

An example of a situation like this can be taken form a customer in Nottingham who rang us asking if we would be able to come to their home as they were wanting either a Conservatory or an Orangery fitted. Supplied with different sample materials, a member of our team went over to the customers house to see what space they had available and help the customer find the best fit to their home. After talking with the customer for some time, a decision was made of installing an Orangery onto the side of the home which would measure 5 metres wide and 4 metres long with Sliding Sash Windows 7 sliding sash windows, a set of French Doors and would be accessed from the kitchen.

As you can see from the results, this is a beautiful looking Orangery which is a perfect match for the house it’s partnered with.

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