Brand New Chartwell Green Orangery

The Brief:

Whenever customers come to our showroom to see what we are able to do, it’s very likely that customers find an orangery design they like at our showroom and would like something similar fitted there. One of the most popular orangeries where this happens is with our chartwell green orangery which consists of brick work, six vertical sliding sash windows, and a set of french doors to access the exterior of our showroom,  all finished in chartwell green. This orangery is a timeless design that’s perfect for any customers property. For this customer however, they wanted to use the colours and windows of the orangery but alter the overall design of the Orangery by having an overhang design incorporated for the roof, four vertical sliding sash windows windows looking out to the garden finished in chartwell green on the outside and white on the inside, and a three pane Origin bi fold door installed leading from the orangery into the garden, also dual finished in chartwell green on the outside and white on the inside. As you can see from the images comparing our orangery to the customers, the customers new orangery is a beautiful re-imagining of an already timeless design, and looks fantastic on the customers property.

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