Anthracite Bi-Fold Doors in Derby

The Brief:

Over the years we have had customers that have come to us after having a home improvement project completed but want to have something else added to it give it a unique quality that it didn’t have before. In many cases, some of our customers will opt to have a set of the Bi-Fold Doors that we provide installed into their home.

An example of this came last spring in which a customer had had a small extension added to their home the previous year and didn’t like the fact there was no easy way of getting to their garden other than go out through the kitchen next to the extension. So as a compromise we suggested a set of Bi-Fold doors, French Doors or¬†Sliding Doors across the wall nearest to the Garden and after listening to all the aspects of each, the customers decided to have a set of our Origin Bi-Folds installed, consisting of 3 Panes of glass and in Anthracite Grey, and as you can see, the changes are massive and create a brilliant finishing touch to this extension.

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