Anthracite Grey Orangery Fitted with Slider

The Brief:

This orangery was built in order to provide the customer with a large living space which would be able to be used through the whole year, but one particular feature the customer wanted from the orangery was they wanted to be able to see their garden. So we invited them to our showroom so that they could see the options available, which includes the large windows we have built, our range of bi fold doors and our range of sliding doors also. After seeing the large amount of space that is available to see through the the glass panels of a sliding door, the customer decided to go with a sliding door which consisted of two panes of glass, as well as having two thin windows fitted on either side of the orangery. As you can see from the images, this orangery makes the perfect addition to the customers bungalow as they now have plenty of available space and also have a lovely view of their garden.

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