Aluminium Windows, Single Door and Bi Fold Door Installed

The Brief:

When it comes to purchasing multiple products for a home improvement project, we understand how important it is that the all of the products match one another so that there is a continuous look around the property. And we’re not the only ones noticing as many manufacturers now days provide many extensive lines of products for their customers so that an entire property can have have one manufacturer supplying their products across their entire property. Take this customer for example, they were replacing all of the windows around their property, while also have the finishing touches put on an extension, and having a new back door fitted as well, so they came to our showroom to see what we could do for them. After having a look around our showroom, the customer really seemed to like the Origin products that we have in our showroom, all of which would be able to match the requirements of the customer, so they placed an order for Origin Flush Casement windows, a single frame Origin clear glass door, and two sets of Origin Bi Folds for the finishing touches on the customer extension. As you can see from the images, all these options look right at home in the customers house, and with all of them coming with a 20 year guarantee, will help give the property a timeless look for years to come.

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