Aluminium Windows and Doors Installed in Property

The Brief:

As a company, Basfords¬†have been in this industry for years now, and in that time we’ve always tried to provide our customers with the latest products that enter the market. One of the most recent products to make a massive impact in the market has been the introduction of aluminium in the bi fold doors,aluminium sliding doors, aluminium windows and aluminium residential door market. Thanks to this introduction of this material, each of these products are now, lighter, thinner and more durable than the alternatives within each market. It was because of these reasons that this customer decided to have their property fitted with a Dutemann Aluminium residential door with side panels, and Origin Aluminium windows. As you can see from the images on display, each of these manufacturers products look fantastic in the property, but most importantly, the customer has a fantastic collect of additions to their home.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Windows Aluminium Entrance Doors

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