Aluminium Grey Bi-Folds in Leicester

The Brief:

Here at Basfords, we always make sure that we can provide our customers with the highest quality of products that can meet all of the needs that our customers might have. Over the course of our 25+ years of experience, we have never had a product that is more popular than the variety of Bi-Fold doors that we sell to our customers. Over the years we have lost count of the amount of Bi-Folds we have sold to our customers but, with each one we make sure that the fitting process is carried out exactly the same as to how our fitters were first instructed to in order to gain the best results possible.

Recently a customer from Leicester came to us asking if we would be able to remove their old wooden french doors, as well as a corner windows, which were starting to show their age, with a new set of 3 Pane Origin Bi-Fold Door and new Windows to be fitted where their corner windows were currently, both of which would be finished in Grey. After a total of a week’s worth of work the Bi-Folds and Windows were fitted to the property and the difference is as clear as day.


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