7 Metre White Bi Fold Door Fitted at Property

The Brief:

One of the main positives with bi fold doors is that they can be manufactured to fit a large variety of different sized apertures. Whether there’s a 3 metre space available, or even a 10 metre gap, a bi fold door can be made to fit the space perfectly, with the option of choosing how the doors will open within the space.  In this particular job, the customer had recently had an extension built by another company and approached us to install a set of bi fold doors in an aperture that they had created. The available space measured in at 7.2 metres in width by 2.1 metres in height, so we suggested that the customer go for a set of 6 pane Origin bi fold doors due to how large Origin can manufacture each individual pane. After taking our advice, the customer then asked if they would be able to have the doors installed as a french door style configuration, meaning that three of the doors would slide one way and the other three doors would slide in the opposite direction which is do able with the Origin bi fold system. As you can see from the images with this project, the final results are brilliant with the customer now having the perfect type of door for their aperture fully installed in their home.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Bifold Doors

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