What is a powder coated window?

Aluminium windows and doors benefit from one of the most sophisticated colouring and finishing processes there is. It’s been used in commercial and residential window installations for over 40 years and is by far the most popular method. This finishing process is polyester powder coating.

What is a polyester powder coating?

A polyester powder coated window benefits from a paint process that is clean, durable, weather resistant and one that comes in a huge range of colours.
Before any window or door is made, the aluminium extrusions are put through a concise series of cleaning and pre-treatment processes. These clean and prepare the aluminium to receive its chosen colour.
Aluminium bars are placed in specialist cleaning tanks that ensure oils, dirt and grime are removed from the unfinished metal prior to painting.
The powder coating process itself involves a dry powder. It is not a wet paint or wet spray process. An electrical charge is put through the aluminium profiles and the powder sprayed onto them. This enables the polyester powder to adhere to the metal.
The final process is curing the powder in specialist ovens. Upon completion of this the aluminium profiles are ready to be used to make your new windows and doors.

Powder Coating offers wide colour choice and more.

One of the biggest advantages of polyester powder is not only surface coverage but also colour choice.
The paint process allows for a greater coverage of paint compared to coloured foils. This ensures that the invisible faces (the bottom and sides of your window profiles or those only visible when your doors are fully open) can be coated better.
Polyester powder coating is available in many different colour specifications, the most popular being the RAL colour range. This provides nearly 200 possible standard colours. Add to this the choice of the same colour usually available in satin, matt or gloss and the choice becomes bigger.
Add again the choice of different colours inside and out and you can see that aluminium powder coated window offer a choice of finishes that few other materials can match.
Whats more, advances in colour technology also give you metallic, textured and other types of colours as well.

Why consider powder coated aluminium windows?

Our high quality PVCu windows and doors are also available in a choice of colours. This does not mean they are in any way inferior, but that powder coated offers a wider choice.
The first thing we advise when trying to decide between PVCu and aluminium is to see the two colours side by side. The powder coated window offers a completely different appearance to the more matt in appearance PVCu. Colours are normally richer and deeper.
White is a very common colour. PVCu windows benefit from a virgin, lead free PVCu that has a high quality finish. White powder coated aluminium windows will offer a choice of matt or gloss as well as differing shades of white as well. You don’t have to have just standard gloss white.

Other advantages of powder coated windows.

All our quality pvcu and aluminium finishes are designed to be low maintenance and long lasting.
With aluminium you can customise the colour for even greater durability. Perhaps you’re building a swimming pool enclosure or have a coastal property. For any application that is outside the normal domestic environment, powder coating can be enhanced to provide even greater protection.
We can custom coat your doors in a marine or coastal grade coating with an even longer guarantee period. It’ll be coated to withstand salt, chlorine, dirty rain, pollutants and other contaminants where they’re prevalent. This gives you even greater peace of mind with only simple routine cleaning required.
Powder coated windows can :
• Provide protection in pool, exposed or city centre environments
• Can offer enhanced protection in coastal applications with salt in the air
• Guarantees of 15, 25 or even 40 years are possible with powder coated windows subject to the use.
At Basfords, all our quality powder coated windows and doors are finished by the UK’s leading powder coaters. All are stringently vetted and Qualicoat assured. Our range of colours meets the latest British Standards for quality, thickness and suitability in use.
Contact us if you’d like to know more about the powder coating process or our coloured aluminium windows and doors.]]>

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