bi folding and french and patio doors), windows, conservatories and orangeries, we are also providing a new unique product for all of our customers in the form of a garden rotating sphere. Seen on the television series Dragons den, these amazing garden Rotating Spheres are a tremendous piece of art perfect for any garden and don’t just look great, but also serve a purpose. With seating  for 12 people in the largest version we offer, these  can be used as home offices or just somewhere to read a paper or a book and watch the world go by. As well as this, the chairs can be folded down and turned into a daybed, along with the adding of another section for the daybed to be complete. One of the best parts about the spheres as well are that no matter how many people are inside, the spheres will still rotate which is great for getting out of the wind. Made of real wood  with the choices of interior design, these are a basford  exclusive product this can be seen at our showroom, the address is Nottingham Road, Attenborough, Nottingham, NG9 6DP. Below are two images, one of the sphere which is located at our showroom and also a picture of a sphere at one of our customers homes. Mr Watson said his wife fell in love with the design of the sphere while he likes the fact he feels like TVs Joe 90. For those who can remember, he has a good point. [caption id="attachment_135" align="alignnone" width="649"]Rotating Garden Sphere Pod Garden pod installed[/caption] [caption id="attachment_136" align="alignnone" width="363"]Rotating Garden Sphere Pod View the garden sphere at our Nottingham showroom[/caption] [caption id="attachment_137" align="alignnone" width="892"]Rotating Garden Sphere Pod Featured photograph of stunning rotating garden pod[/caption]]]>

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