Bifolding Door Opening Options.

Opening options on bifolding doors. If your bifolding door is your only door that leads to your garden, it’s even more important to choose the right opening option or configuration.  Much of this will depend on the size of the structural opening and how many folding panels your doors will have. One of the most important things to consider is what’s called an ‘access leaf’. An access leaf is important as it enables you to get in and out of your bifolding doors without having to fold them back partially or fully every time. This works like a typical hinged door that swings open.  So if you do only have on rear door, we’d recommend an access leaf as it will make your bifolding doors far more practical for letting a pet out, or taking out the rubbish. The access leaf is possible with a single door or with a pair of doors, very much like a set of french doors. Visit our showroom and you can see this important door feature in action.  So what other opening options are available on bifolding doors? Here we give you the choices available.

Two Panel Bifolding doors

2-pane-bifold-doorA two panel bifolding door will be ideal; if you already have a set of French Doors installed or wish to replace a small patio sliding door. A two pane folding door can open in or out and they slide in one direction only, either to the left or right. This method of sliding doors is typically fitted with whats referred to as a ‘floating mullion’.  It’s integral to the design of the doors.  On the one side of the doors you’ll notice an additional length of profile.  This will make your doors look slightly thicker on the one side but it’s normal and most doors that open in this way will have one.

Three panel bifolding doors

3-pane-bifolding-doorThe three panel bifolding door is by far our most popular and most affordable option.  Many existing properties with an existing patio door or a set of French doors with sidelights are at the right size already to accommodate a three panel folding door. You have the option with three panels to have doors all sliding in one direction or to incorporate an access leaf.  The access leaf is hinged on the one side and the remaining two panels slide and fold on the opposite side.

Four Panel Bifolding Doors

4-panel-folding-doorChoose a four panel sliding door and you get even more choice in how your doors open. There are three possible choices available. All the doors slide in one direction, you have an access leaf on the one side and folding doors on the other, or you can can two hinged doors in the middle that then fold back with the others in opposite directions. This arrangement makes for a highly flexible and versatile folding door.

5-pane-folding-doorFive Panel Bifolding Doors

A five panel folding door set gives you even more choice.  In the same way as the four panel option you have three possible configurations. All the doors can slide in one direction or you can incorporate an access leaf to the one side or even in the middle of the doors.

Six Panel Bifolding Doors

6-panel-bifold-doorSix panel doors gives you all the above options with the French Door arrangement in the middle if desired. It offers the same folding arrangement as our four panel configuration but with two extra leaves – one on each end.

Seven Panel Bifolding Doors

7-pane-folding-doorIf you’re lucky enough to have a home that can accommodate a seven panel door then you really will benefit from the most open aspect of all. Seven panel doors offer four possible opening configurations. You can have four panels sliding on the one side with three on the other. You can even choose all your doors sliding to the one side. If you do choose to have all 7 panels folding together, bear in mind it may look quite bulky on the one side when all 7 leaves are stacked. You can choose an access leaf on the one side hinged independently or connected to the intermediate leaves and sliding back with them.

Corner bifolding doors.

12Corner-aluminium-bifolds-1024x768Our excellent Origin bifolding doors are all available with the above configurations  But you may also want to consider an ‘open corner’ arrangement.  This is a stunning feature in the home.  Your two sets of bifolding doors meet in the middle with a moveable corner post.  When both sets of doors are opened the result is a beautiful open corner with no visible corner post – a true open aspect feel. An open corner bifolding door set will need to be constructed with your builder to ensure that the necessary structural calculations are taken into account.  All our two to seven pane doors can be integrated into an open corner folding door set.

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