Composite Doors

If you’re looking for a new front door for your home, our Endurance door cannot be beaten for style, value, security and performance.

A front door is very important to your home.  It’s the most frequently used out of all your doors and windows every day by your whole family.  This means it has be be long lasting, highly durable and very secure.

We are confident that you too will be impressed the high specification of our Endurance Composite Entrance Doors. They’re one of the very best you can buy.

Discover style, performance and optimum security with Endurance Composite Doors.

Endurance Doors are one of the best known in the UK. All are crafted from the very best materials and have security and durability at their core. Manufactured to exacting standards and precision, the result is an entrance door for your home few can match. Your front door is secure and ultra strong, very durable, stylish and energy efficient.

The secret to our doors lies in part to their solid core construction. Unlike many other doors on the market, ours feature a 48mm which cross bonded solid timber core.

This timber core design is far superior to other cheaper doors with a GRP (Glass Reinforce Plastic) construction. Not only is our door thicker than other doors on the market, but it’s also far more stable and inherently stronger.

Our doors are housed in a 5 chamber reinforced PVCu door frame. Options are available for double doors, stable doors as well as doors with sidelights or top glazed lights.

An entrance door tested to the best known methods of attack.

As you would expect from a quality entrance door, security is paramount. Our doors are put through extensive testing. They’ve passed Secured by Design Accreditation thanks to their maximum security locks and cylinders.

These testing methods are carried out using a variety of tools and methods. They’re even subjected to tests with a sledge hammer as well as resistance to being prised apart.

If you’re concerned about home security and are looking for a door that can provide optimum security, peace of mind as well as great looks, visit our showroom.

Our doors are also current. As well as Secured by Design, they’ll meet the latest Document Q security and utilise the very latest technology in locking cylinders with the Avocet ATK – one of the best there is.

An Entrance Door solution, whatever your property.

Our range of stunning composite entrance doors is available in a huge choice of styles. Choose from 18 different door types all of which are further enhanced by colour, hardware and glass options.

There are traditional looking doors to replicate original wood door designs right up to the latest in contemporary doors with full heigh hardware, modern glass designs and sleek detailing.

Added to this is a huge choice of hardware. Whether you prefer the look, feel and operation provided by a traditional lock or the very latest in remote door locking, these are all available.

As standard you benefit from the very latest in locks featuring multi point locking, anti-bump cylinders and lift up handles. There are even more choices with key only locking, door knobs and pad handles and much more besides.

There’s also our Heritage Locking. This a a superb lock giving you the very best in security with the traditional appearance of a Georgian style door. The cylinder is positioned higher, typical of traditional doors and upon closing the lock operates automatically for peace of mind.

So you not only get a wonderful period door but 21st Century security as well.

Your door will also keep your home warm, comfortable and dry. The finest glass units are used as well as the latest technology drainage, foam inserts and seals.

A highly secure door personalised, just for you.

Our superb range of doors comes with all sorts of choices when it comes to hardware and accessories.

Choose from Urn Knockers in a choice of styles, finishes and colours. There is a wide choice of letter plates, door knobs, numerals, hinge choices and handles. You can even personalise your door still further with spy hole door viewers, door security guards, pull knobs and much more besides.
This gives you real choice in personalising your door if you want it to stand out from the rest.

Our glass choices with our Endurance doors are varied giving you the choice of a traditional pattern or a contemporary glass panel to your door.

Endurance Composite doors feature a rich specification for security, comfort and peace of mind. There are many choices for door styles, colour and hardware.
 At the heart of our superior entrance doors are impressive technical specifications.

  • 48mm thick cross laminated timber door leaf for lateral strength and stability
  • Exterior thermoplastic door skins that don’t need varnishing or painting.
  • 30mm thick double or triple glazed units conforming to the latest standards.
  • Innovative ‘Cassette’ glazing system – one of the most secure there is.
  • 3 security door hinges tested to current PAS 24:2012 standards.
  • Robust and durable door handles extensively cycle tested.
  • High security multi-point locking systems that are tested to the Secured by Design specified PAS 24 security standard.
  • Superior door cylinders featuring six pins, and anti-pick, anti-dril and anti-bump
  • Quality letter plates and hardware conforming to European Standards.
  • Optional low threshold option.

You’ll also find our doors have been tested to the very latest standards for thermal performance, strength and operation, weather tightness and even fire resistance should you choose a fire rated door option.

Our composite doors come with a huge choice of glass options to meet most requirements.  Choose from decorative, patterned, sandblasted or acid etched glass.  You can also choose from the latest in lead designs included coloured patterns and much more.

Contact us for a brochure illustrating all the glass choices on offer.

Endurance doors come in a choice of 14 different colours as well as different colours for the inside and outside of your door. There’s even a choice of 8 colours that match your door to its frame.

  • Standard black and white
  • Cream
  • Chartwell Green
  • Turquoise Pastel
  • Pebble
  • French Navy
  • Racing Green
  • Rich Red
  • Anthracite Grey and others are on offer.

For wood effect finishes the choice includes:

  • Irish Oak
  • Golden Oak
  • Rosewood

You have a choice from the traditional Rich Red and French Navy to the more distinctive Turquoise Pastel or Pebble.
We know how the finest of detail is important to our customers, so we are able to offer a choice of 8 colours with matching door frames. These colours are available throughout our door range.