Orangeries in our customers houses, the biggest question that is brought up is based around the actual building process of our Bi-folding doors and in how many the weeks the build takes until it is completed. The start of the builds are different dependent on what is available, for example if a customer wants an orangery built from the start the first stage is placing the foundations for the orangery which requires taking up some ground in order to place the foundations but if a customer wants an orangery built in place of a conservatory then there is no need to place foundations as they should already be built. The next stage is creating a base for the which the conservatory will stand on, after which the main foundations for the orangery will be built after which the walls for the orangery . Once all of the walls for the orangery have been built, the next stage is placing the orangery roof on top of the almost complete structure. Once your roof is fully fitted, the final stages involve having all of the windows and doors fitted as well as having the entranceway built from the customers house into the new orangery. Finally the electrics for the lighting for the orangery are fitted, the flooring of the of the orangey is put down and the interior of the orangery is plastered and painted in order to give the new orangery an interior look that is suiting to the customers home. Below you can see some of the orangeries that we have built in the past. Due to the size of this build, three RSJs were used in order to support the structures overall size. orangery-build1 orangery-build2 orangery-build3 orangery-build4 orangery-build5]]>

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