9 Metre Dutemann Glide S Sliding Door

The Brief:

With the range of sliding doors we provide, we have tried to ensure that they are able to be created to meet larger sizes than normal sliding doors so that customers are able to have as little mullions as possible. One of the systems that can reach larger sizes than other sliding doors is the Dutemann Glide S sliding door, with each pane being able to be manufactured to reach up to 3 metres high and 3 metres wide. This of course allows customers to have a fantastic looking door with minimal panes.

For this customer, they were having an extension built at the rear of their home and were wanting to have a large sliding door that would span across the whole extension. Originally the customer was considering on having a four pane sliding door due to the sheer size of the opening but after knowing that we would be able to supply them with a three pane Dutemann Glide S, they decided to have one of these for their open aperture and finished in anthracite grey.

From the images provided, the size of the Dutemann Glide S is certainly imposing, but more importantly, we provided a sliding door for the customer that they are able to enjoy throughout the year.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Sliding Doors

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