Secondary Glazing

If you’re looking to improve any older building with original windows, secondary double glazing offers you the best and most cost effective solution. You’ll find it is substantially less than the cost of new windows or restoration of existing windows.

Secondary Double Glazed WindowsBasfords offer the latest generation secondary double glazing designed to provide a number of acoustic, security and condensation control solutions in many different types of old or newer properties.

Secondary double glazing is the perfect solution for properties where a typical window replacement isn’t possible. Examples include Listed Buildings, Heritage and character properties, traditional period buildings and many others. There are also properties in Conservation areas that can also have restrictions on their window replacements. Again secondary double glazing offers a solution.

Aluminium secondary glazing


What is Secondary Double Glazing?

Secondary Double Glazing is fitted internally behind your existing windows. With a typical replacement window installation, existing windows are removed and new windows are fitted. With secondary double glazing there is none of the associated work involved with new windows. Installation is quick and easy.

A slimline aluminium window solution for your home.

Our market leading secondary double glazing has been installed in some of the finest Listed dwellings, classic hotels, churches and elsewhere.

Manufactured from high quality slimline aluminium it’s designed to be discreet and won’t intrude on the aesthetics of your original windows.

In addition they can be face or reveal fixed making them easy to install

aluminium secondary windows

Advantages of secondary double glazing.

Where existing windows need to be retained, secondary double glazing can make your home warmer, more energy efficient, quieter and more secure.

Character and period properties benefit from windows that are a real feature of the building. However these charming and original windows do not have the level of security, thermal insulation and benefit of double glazed units. Secondary double glazing can provide this solution.

Its ideal for any type of existing window including:

  • Existing period metal windows
  • Traditional period sliding sash windows
  • Traditional wood windows
  • Early double glazing without insulation and basic glazing
  • Ornate, shaped or decorative glazing

Virtually any type of existing window can be improved with secondary double glazing. Curved, shaped, gabled or large windows can all be improved. All types of opening windows such as casement, pivot, sliding and many others can be accommodated.

Secondary double glazing is approved by local authorities and is generally not subject to any constraints or restrictions. It sits discreetly behind your existing windows making them hardly visible from the outside and won’t compromise the appearance of the property.

Improving noise levels with Secondary Double Glazing.

If your property is near a motorway or other busy road, flight path, in an industrial area or any other location that is susceptible to noise, secondary double glazing can help. Your property may be located near a sports venue or place of public entertainment. Anywhere that is subject to noise can be made more comfortable with secondary glazing.

It offers the most effective method of sound insulation that is better than even the most modern double glazing. This is down to several factors – the biggest being that secondary glazing is positioned a distance back from your existing windows creating an effective barrier.

You can choose from a choice of window styles including the very latest in acoustic glass technology.

Help improve condensation in the home.

For old single glazed metal or wood windows that are prone to condensation, secondary double glazing is very effective at controlling it.

The additional window can create a thermal barrier reducing moisture on your windows and improving the quality inside the room.

With our quality secondary glazing solution we can help the inner glass from becoming too cold and causing condensation by creating a barrier between the existing windows and the inside of the room.

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Powder coated secondary glazed windows.Manufactured from durable slimline and discreet aluminium.

Clean and easy to fit with virtually no disruption to your home.

A proven, cost-effective alternative to replacing your windows.

Accepted for Listed Buildings, Conservation areas, Period properties and many more.

Effective at reducing noise, draughts, improving security and controlling condensation.

Virtually any window design or style can accept secondary double glazing.

Available in a choice of opening styles including:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Sliding
  • Hinged opening windows
  • Lift out windows
  • Bespoke designs made to order.
  • Fixed windows
  • Arches, gables and special shapes

aluminium secondary windowsSecondary double glazing is available in a choice of glass depending upon the requirement.

Available in a choice of standard, low e, toughened or laminated and acoustic glass options.

RAL colour swatchSecondary double glazing benefits from the advantages of polyester powder coating.

You have a choice of over 200 RAL colours meaning you can match your existing windows, your property decor or simply choose the colour you want.

In addition you have a choice of satin, matt or gloss finishes giving you even further choice. Even if you choose the standard white finish you’ll see a durable high quality coating that only requires simple cleaning and is virtually maintenance free.