Here at Basfords, we have undertaken various different jobs over the years, with some that aren’t considered conventional for a company as our selves. One example of us building an unconventional products is when our team built a cattery at the rear of a customers home, to allow their cats to have their own space without invading the customers house all the time. This job however was something quite different from a cattery, as this customer wanted to have our team build an office space for them that would be situated in their garden, luckily for us this isn’t the first time we have had a request like this. When the customer came to our showroom and we asked what they were looking for, we showed them a project we had done prior to their visit, in which we built an external office space in a customers garden, and after seeing this project the customer decided to have our team build something similar. This particular involved our team building an external brick structure, with wooden boards fitted on the outside to provide a shed look, and then we installed a set of Origin four pane bi fold doors, and an origin floor to ceiling window as well. As you can see from the images, the final results look brilliant with the customer now having a contemporary styles office, that looks fantastic in their garden.